Assessment Generator Lite User Testimonials

"Amazing 38% Conversion Rate on My Web Site!"

"Milana, I've been testing various strategies to convert web site visitors to subscribers, and realized that when I use an assessment as the landing page, the conversion rate is as high as 38%. Compare this figure to a free e-course, that only attracts 14.2% sign-ups, and an advertisement, which got 0% based on 600 hits. I am truly amazed at the power of online assessments!"

- Sarah Newton
Coaching 4 Teens, Founder

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"This system is the closest thing I can imagine to putting your practice-building on auto-pilot!"

"The assessments are a primary tool for traffic generation for me. They are *highly* targeted to my ideal clients, and that's who shows up! I had no idea when I started using them, how powerful they would be. Now, my lead generation is on automatic. And, it's making my link popularity rise, because I reference them in articles about the assessments, too. I am a very happy coach! I am doing FAR less work than before, and getting MUCH better results. This system is the closest thing I can imagine to putting your practice-building on automatic pilot!"

- Nancy Boyd

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Hi Milana,

I've just done my first assessment using the system, creating a questionnaire for my website. WOW! I had no idea it was really going to be this simple! How bloody fantastic!

I'm exceptionally pleased with the results and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tool!

Noel Posus
Personal and Business Coach


This tool rocks! It has the potential to completely eliminate that "hair pulling out" needs qualifying Q&A that you go through to figure out if the person really "needs" you at all.

I am way too excited about it. With the answers staring both you and the prospect in the face, you have so much more clarity about "next steps" with a prospects.

Thanks for being your amazing self... once again!

Olalah S. Njenga
Managing Partner and Senior Writer

The Assessment Generator allowed me to create a very professional looking assessment in minutes. I had been using an assessment on my website but it was not interactive and the scoring wasn’t personalized. By just cutting and pasting the same questions into assessment generator, I had a great looking, personalized quiz.

(Also, I made some requests to Milana to have the assessment look more the way I wanted and she acted on them immediately. Great customer support.)

Jean R. Charles
JustRight Consulting & Coaching, LLC

It's very impressive - in fact brilliant!

I can't stress enough the importance of engaging your visitors, and capturing their email address. If you're a small to medium sized coaching business and don't want to lash out on custom programming fees, Milana's AssessmentGenerator is a brilliant, cost effective way of getting that critical email address and starting to build the relationship.

David Wood
Life Skills Coach

I am thrilled to have your tool!

I have been online for about one month searching for assessment creation tools. I have been playing with several pieces of software , and they are way too complicated, time consuming, and expensive. I was on google today searching, and you popped up! The Assessment Generator system is so easy.

Within minutes, I had a professional assessment for my website and Milana provided me with exceptional customer service. Great to have you here! I look forward to using this assessment with my clients and colleagues.

Bea Fields
Executive Coach


Assessment Generator has helped me increase the level of interactivity on my site. That translates into a more productive community and higher sales! You can create a customized assessment quickly and without difficult programming and it fits seamlessly into your own web page.

I love it! And it really works as far as attracting new prospects - my mailing list is growing every day!

Ron Huxley
Parenting Coach & National Speaker

Milana, you've done it again! Assessment Generator is brilliant. I'm so glad I accepted your invitation to create my own assessment because it couldn't have been simpler.

For the past couple of years I subscribed to an on-line survey tool that cost more than $500 each year. Yours is much easier to use, there are so many samples to choose between, and best yet, it can reside on my own sites where prospective clients can complete it in just a few moments.

I'll be incorporating this marvellous tool into my own coaching practice.

Syl Leduc
President Client Compass Software

Assessment Generator Is A Powerful Risk Management Tool! No Small Business Owner Should Be Without It!

Did you know that the single most effective tool to protecting yourself and your business from legal liability is not an attorney? That's right... it's not an attorney. It's you! It's you and your ability to provide excellent customer service. And... providing excellent customer service is exactly what the AssessmentGenerator helps you do! It makes you look good and your client feel good! What could be better than that???

Milana, this tool is simply wonderful!

Allison Tiffany-Goldstein, Esq.
Stefan Goldstein, M.B.A.

Assessment Generator is like a little wizard - I just have to type in my questions, and it does all the work for me! So easy to use, I don't see a need for any other form tool!

Thank you for creating it, Milana!

Lia Allen
Business Consultant

It is super easy to set up, easy to use and our clients love it. Just what we were looking for.

As part of our "Coaching Gym" service, we use the Assessment Generator with our clients to conduct an automatic weekly check in. They receive an email reminder from us, complete the form online and a copy is sent to me and to the client for their records.

The benefit to the client is that they are made accountable for their progress and feel "coached" by me personally, even though the whole process is automated. The benefit to me is that I have a weekly snap-shot of my client's progress and state of mind, from which I can choose to send a quick prompt or take more detailed action.

Chris Barrow
Million Dollar Coaching Practice
Creator of "The Coaching Gym"

I saw the tag at the bottom of another coach's email today and clicked to see what it was about, tried the demo - thought it was fantastic and signed up! I have been looking for something to help attract more clients but didn't know what to use - when I saw the Assessment Generator, I knew I had found it. EUREKA!!!

Business Coach