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How much do you think your cash flow would grow if you began bringing in twice the number of leads you are now? Here is the deal...

FACT: People love free stuff! That's why you see free e-books, free reports, and free resources given away on hundreds of thousands of web sites - because savvy marketers know giving something of value away for free is a very effective strategy for collecting names and emails of qualified prospects

PROBLEM: It is really time-consuming to create a high quality e-book or report to give away. Plus, since just about everybody is doing it, Internet users no longer consider free e-books a novelty. They are "dime a dozen" now! I personally stopped paying attention to such giveaways a long time ago, and hardly ever take the time to download a freebie.

However, You Now Have A Chance To Capitalize On This Problem And Put Yourself A Step Ahead Of Everyone Else By Offering Something Different, That Is Of Great Value To Your Visitors!

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Dear Coach,

My name is Milana Leshinsky, and I am an Internet Business Coach. You are about to discover an exciting and extremely powerful tool for your business! But before I explain what it is, I want you to keep this in mind.

The majority of the coaches I know resist marketing, even if that means starving! However, this new tool makes client attraction so easy, that even those who can't say "marketing" without a knot in their stomach will be amazed!

Can you handle a steady surge of new leads and clients in your coaching practice?

In just a moment, I'm going to show you how to maximize the profits from your coaching practice. It's so simple and easy, you're only going to have to do one simple thing (most coaches miss out on a lot of new clients they could be attracting every day, if they only knew)...

How To Attract And Collect All The Qualified Leads You Can Handle With A Powerful New Strategy Guaranteed To Flood Your Email Box With More Leads Than Ever Before!

It's a proven fact that offering something of value is a very powerful way to attract qualified prospects to your web site, collect their contact info, and follow up with them to convert them into clients.

It's been used by thousands upon thousands of savvy marketers to make a lot of money - and this is where the problem arises. Those old freebies just aren't cutting it anymore. E-books, free reports, free newsletter subscriptions, etc. have been offered again and again. And they just aren't pulling in good responses anymore.

So I thought, what could I possibly offer to my web site visitors, that will be easy to create and automatically delivered, and still capture the names and emails of my prospects? As I was brainstorming new ideas, I noticed an email from a friend directing me to an online assessment that was supposed to rate me on how good of a friend I am.

It was just a fun assessment. But it got me to thinking...

I quickly put together an assessment of my own, but this time targeted it to my prospective clients. A week after posting it to my site, I noticed that the number of people taking the assessment was twice as many as the number of those who downloaded my free e-book!

And that's with the same amount of traffic and without an increase in advertising or promotion expenses - incredible!

Generate Your Own Assessments In A Snap, And Watch As Qualified Visitors Flock To Your Site To Take It (At The Same Time Giving You Their Contact Info So You Can Follow up And Convert Them Into Paying Clients)

Assessments are a fantastic tool for every savvy coach or consultant that wants to save time and make more money (not just for collecting leads, but for a lot of other time saving, profit generating tasks I'll explain in a minute).

Up until now, though, you had to hire an expensive programmer, get a special web hosting account, and create a custom "script" to process the assessment for each person that takes it. I wanted to make this much easier for coaches and consultants!

And this is why AssessmentGenerator was born.

I spent the last few months working closely with my programmer to develop something that would not only make creating multiple assessments incredibly quick and easy, but would also let you extract the maximum marketing and sales power from assessments.

What makes it even better is that, as a coach myself, I know exactly what coaches need...and I created AssessmentGenerator with those things in mind. Resulting in a program that covers all the bases, and gives you a "plug-n-make-more-money" system that requires the smallest amount of effort on your part but gives you a huge pay-off for all the work it does for you!

Before I explain how AssessmentGenerator works, let's look at all the ways you can benefit from using assessments in your online practice...

  • Generate a new stream of traffic to your site without spending a penny more on advertising - It's true, people love self-assessments! Whether it's the fun of an interactive web page, or the desire to find out more about themselves. In fact, they'll have so much fun and insight from the assessment, they'll want to share it with everyone they know, helping you grow your web site traffic faster than ever before through word of mouth advertising!
  • Put your lead generation on auto-pilot and get all the new clients you can handle - anyone who takes your assessment is a prospect for your business. Use assessments as an incentive for your web site visitors to share their contact information with you, which you can later use to send your marketing materials. I can't stress this enough: it is vital to automate lead generation if you want to maximize your profits as a coach or consultant, and AssessmentGenerator does that for you.
  • Impress first time clients and make them want to book future
    - have all your new clients take an assessment before the first session, so you have an idea of where they stand and know exactly how you can help them. You'll be able to use the first session to really knock the socks off your client with real help and advice, as opposed to spending that time getting to know them and their problems.
  • Save time and money by only attracting and working with serious prospects - before offering a complimentary session, have your prospects complete an assessment. This will help you "weed out" many time-wasting calls, and you will spend your time on serious prospects only.
  • Collect invaluable information about your visitors and prospects that you can use to explode the power of your marketing efforts - knowing who your visitors are, what they want, and what "buttons" to push to elicit the response you want is vital to any business's success. Use assessments to collect valuable market research, and watch your profits go through the roof when you know exactly what your prospects want.

Read What Other Coaches Are Saying
About AssessmentGenerator...

Hi Milana,

I've just done my first assessment using the system, creating a questionnaire for my website. WOW! I had no idea it was really going to be this simple! How bloody fantastic! I'm exceptionally pleased with the results and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tool!

Noel Posus
Personal and Business Coach
Australia, www.NoelPosus.com


This tool rocks! It has the potential to completely eliminate that "hair pulling out" needs qualifying Q&A that you go through to figure out if the person really "needs" you at all.

I am way too excited about it. With the answers staring both you and the prospect in the face, you have so much more clarity about "next steps" with a prospects.

Thanks for being your amazing self... once again!

Olalah S. Njenga
Managing Partner and Senior Writer

It's very impressive - in fact brilliant!

I can't stress enough the importance of engaging your visitors, and capturing their email address. If you're a small to medium sized coaching business and don't want to lash out on custom programming fees, Milana's AssessmentGenerator is a brilliant, cost effective way of getting that critical email address and starting to build the relationship.

David Wood
Life Skills Coach

I am thrilled to have your tool!

I have been online for about one month searching for assessment creation tools. I have been playing with several pieces of software , and they are way too complicated, time consuming, and expensive. I was on google today searching, and you popped up! The Assessment Generator system is so easy.

Within minutes, I had a professional assessment for my website and Milana provided me with exceptional customer service. Great to have you here! I look forward to using this assessment with my clients and colleagues.

Bea Fields
Executive Coach

Assessment Generator has helped me increase the level of interactivity on my site. That translates into a more productive community and higher sales! You can create a customized assessment quickly and without any programming, and it fits seamlessly into your own web page.

I love it! And it really works as far as attracting new prospects - my mailing list is growing every day!

Ron Huxley
Parenting Coach & National Speaker

Milana, you've done it again! Assessment Generator is brilliant. I'm so glad I accepted your invitation to create my own assessment because it couldn't have been simpler.

For the past couple of years I subscribed to an on-line survey tool that cost more than $500 each year. Yours is much easier to use, there are so many samples to choose between, and best yet, it can reside on my own sites where prospective clients can complete it in just a few moments.

I'll be incorporating this marvellous tool into my own coaching practice.

Syl Leduc
President Client Compass Software

It is super easy to set up, easy to use and our clients love it. Just what we were looking for.

As part of our "Coaching Gym" service, we use the Assessment Generator with our clients to conduct an automatic weekly check in. They receive an email reminder from us, complete the form online and a copy is sent to me and to the client for their records.

The benefit to the client is that they are made accountable for their progress and feel "coached" by me personally, even though the whole process is automated. The benefit to me is that I have a weekly snap-shot of my client's progress and state of mind, from which I can choose to send a quick prompt or take more detailed action.

Chris Barrow
Million Dollar Coaching Practice
Creator of "The Coaching Gym"

Already sure that you must give AssessmentGenerator a try on your site?

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Still Can't Imagine How You Can Use Assessments In Your Business? Take A Look At Just A Few Of The Ways Assessments Can Be Used To Save You Time And Help You Profit More...

After you start using assessments on your web site, you will wonder how you could ever live without them! Here are just a few great ways you can use assessments:

  • Offer a FREE Assessment to your web site visitors to build your database of prospects faster.
  • Create a Complimentary Coaching Session Form prospects can fill out and submit to you.
  • Screen your prospects by asking them to complete an assessment first, then making the decision whether or not to offer them a complimentary consultation (weed out those freebie seekers!)
  • Register people for your teleclasses and other events by asking them fill out the assessment, and learn more about your participants before the event.
  • Create a FREE assessment, that will encourage your prospects to purchase your product or service, based on the results of the assessment.
  • Track your clients' progress by asking them to complete an assessment every month. You may also ask them to complete an assessment before each session, using it as a "Call Preparation Form."
  • Gather information about your prospects and clients, and have it e-mailed to yourself, to save time and learn more about your target audience.
  • Attract prospects from pay-per-click search engines, by directing traffic right to your FREE assessment page, instead of your home page.
  • Mention your FREE assessments at the bottom of each article you submit to publishers, as well as in e-zine ads you place, to encourage more click-throughs.
  • Use assessments for surveying your prospects and clients, finding out what they want, or what they think of your products and services.
  • Suggestion forms can easily be automated for your workshop or seminar participants , who want to share what they thought of your presentation.
  • And finally....start an assessment frenzy! Create a page with 3-10 or more fun and educational assessments relevant to your business, and invite everyone on your list to take them. Before you know it, they'll start sending their friends, relatives and colleagues to your web site!

OK, so what exactly is AssessmentGenerator?

Basically, it is a powerful piece of software hosted on our constantly maintained servers. When you sign up to use AssessmentGenerator, you'll be able to quickly and easily plug in a set of questions and instantly generate your own fully functional assessment which you can then paste into any web page.

When someone takes your assessment and submits it to receive their score, their answers are processed through our servers and the score is computed for them. You will receive an email containing each person's answers and score, along with their contact info.

You can also choose to send a message thanking them for taking the assessment, as well as have AssessmentGenerator trigger one of your own follow-up autoresponders with their email address so you can continue to follow-up automatically as many times as you like.

Assessment Generator comes with...

  • Instant scoring - a score is calculated and automatically sent to both you and the person who took the assessment, as soon as it's completed.
  • Hosting on our web site (NEW!)- if you don't have a web site, or simply don't want to add another page to your site, we can now host your assessment for you! Simply create your assessment, then click the "Save Assessment" button, and it will be saved on our web server for as long as you remain a subscriber!
  • Easy customization - every assessment is customized with your own image - banner or logo - your name, a web site address, background colors, and your very own "thank-you" message that users will receive in their e-mail.
  • Instantly edit assessments - if you want to make changes to your assessments in the future, simply save the file to your computer, then open it to make changes - no HTML needed!
  • Immediate user gratification - nothing to download, print out, e-mail, or fill out. Everything is done automatically from your web site.
  • Complete automation - from creating your assessments to completing them on your web site, AssessmentGenerator is a fully automated online program.
  • Easy installation - adding an assessment to your web site takes less than 1 minute, and no HTML or other programming skills is required to do so. Simply push a button and have your own assessment generated instantly. Then, copy and paste the code into any web page and voila! You have your own assessment working and ready to generate leads.
  • Unlimited assessments - create and process as many assessments as you wish, there's no limit with your paid AssessmentGenerator account.
  • Nothing to download - neither you or your prospects have to download anything to take the assessment. Everything is 100% web-based, which means anybody with the access to the Internet can complete your assessments!
  • Automatic follow-up - you can connect your assessment to an autoresponder in just a few seconds, and automatically follow up with everyone who completes it on your web site. True hands-off marketing-generate new paying clients automatically!
  • Ability to develop your own custom assessments - there are many assessments already available for you to use with your clients, but AssessmentGenerator allows you to create your own ways to assess a situation your prospects or clients face with five different types of assessments to choose from:
  • Assessment Type #1: Checkbox assessment - has assessment takers check boxes that apply to them and receive a score based on which boxes were checked.
  • Assessment Type #2: Narrative assessment - ask for detailed answers that visitors will write out and submit. Great for assessing a client before your first consultation, or collecting valuable market research from visitors.
  • Assessment Type #3: Scale 1-5 assessment - allow visitors to choose how much a statement applies to them, on a scale of 1 through 5.
  • Assessment Type #4: Mixed assessment, where you can create a combination of the above types of assessments.
  • Assessment Type #5: True or False Quiz assessment, which you can use to test your visitors and clients on various subjects.
  • Assessment Type #6: Multiple Choice assessment, which allows you to test your visitors and clients by letting them choose the right answers from your list.

What are the advantages of hosting the software on our server
instead of your own?

You may be wondering why you can't just purchase a script and install it yourself on your own server. Well, there are a few good reasons why I've decided to only offer AssessmentGenerator as a subscription service hosted through my own servers.

First of all, this way offers a much easier and quicker solution for you. You won't have to worry about getting it installed, figuring out how to get everything working right, running into glitches, or having something go wrong down the line when you need the program to be working the way it should.

Instead, you can get started in just a few minutes, and won't ever have to deal with any of the technicalities (or hiring an expensive programmer to do it for you). Plus, I won't have to offer tech support for those "do-it-yourselfers" that can't figure out how to install the script and can spend my time improving AssessmentGenerator as well as marketing it.

Second, I want to keep this software as exclusive as possible and don't want it getting spread all over the internet and copied. This gives you a huge advantage, because you won't have to worry about this strategy becoming ineffective over night because everyone is using it. Doing it this way also allows me to put a cap on the number of users, making it even more exclusive and effective for you.

How To Get Started Creating And Benefiting From
Assessments On Your Site

Before I show you how you can start creating your own assessments in the next 10 minutes by trying out AssessmentGenerator completely risk free, let's recap all that you can do with assessments.

AssessmentGenerator is for you if...

  • You want to attract more clients and customers through your web site without spending more money on advertising
  • You want something to give away for free to collect leads, but more unique than just an e-book
  • You want your web site to be more fun and interactive
  • You want to have a hands-off marketing tool for your business that will generate leads for your automatically, and around the clock
  • You want to build your mailing list faster, and see your business and profits grow as it does
  • You would like to screen your prospects before offering them a free session to avoid wasting time on dead-beat or just plain incompatible clients

You can sign-up to start using AssessmentGenerator for a one-time set-up fee of $25 and a monthly subscription rate of $9.95 or pay just $24.95 for three months.

If this seems like a lot, just think about how much money you'll make if AssessmentGenerator brings you just one new client each month (obviously it has the potential to bring you many more clients than that, but we'll use one as an example).

Of course the lifetime value of that one client is worth many, many times the price of your subscription, but even the up-front cash you will make from consulting with that client just once would pay for your subscription many times over.

Or, you can compare it to the money you spend every day that doesn't help increase your cash flow. When you do this, $9.95 doesn't sound like much when you compare it to swinging by your local fast food restaurant or going to see a movie.

Still Not Convinced? Then I'm Going To Make You An Offer
You Can't Refuse:

Try Out Assessment Generator On Your Site For 30 Days, And If You
Don't Start Pulling In More New Leads Than Ever Before,
You Won't Have To Pay A Penny!

That's right, test it out. Give it a shot. Create an assessment and put it on your site. And if you don't absolutely love the results it starts bringing you, just let me know. I'll refund every penny that you paid. No questions asked.

Why am I making such a bold guarantee?

Because, quite frankly, I think you're going to be so happy with the results you get from using AssessmentGenerator, there will be no way you'll want to stop using it!

Already sure that you must give AssessmentGenerator a try on your site?

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Special Bonus!
160 Free Assessment Topics

Don't think you can come up with your own assessment ideas?

Sign-up today and you'll receive 160 assessment ideas for all types of businesses that you can "steal" and use yourself...

Now, I understand if you have never created an assessment before. You may not even know what type of an assessment you can create for your web site. That's why I asked all of my clients and assistants put their heads together, and create a list of ideas you can use to immediately start creating your assessments!

I asked for a hundred, but they surprised me and came up with 160 juicy ideas to help you find your ideal assessment theme! You will see assessment ideas for:

  • Career Development
  • Business Coaching & Consulting
  • Internet Business & Marketing
  • Life Coaching & Self-Improvement
  • Homes & Real Estate
  • Health & Fitness
  • Office Management
  • Business Marketing
  • Sales & Finance
  • Marriage & Parenting Issues
  • Love & Relationships

...and more!

This bonus comes in a downloadable PDF file, which you can view immediately after signing up!

Sign-Up Now! Your Chance To Test Drive An Assessment On Your Web Site Is Just Minutes Away

  • Are you ready for more leads?
  • Do you want more clients?
  • Would you like to maximize your profits and never go out looking for new clients again?

If you want more leads, more clients, and want to save yourself time and effort, sign-up for AssessmentGenerator now.

Just click the link below, and you'll be taken to the 100% secure order page. After you order, you'll get immediate access to your own AssessmentGenerator account where you can begin creating assessments for your site.

Remember, you've got absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out. If it doesn't work the way I've said it will, you don't have to pay a penny. But if it does work, you stand to gain a lot of money in increased profits and make your job less stressful by not having to worry where you're going to get clients.

Looking forward to helping make your business a success!

Internet Business Coach
AssessmentGenerator.com Founder

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P.S. Order now to ensure you get the special bonus revealing 160 assessment ideas for your business. Remember, you've got nothing to lose by taking AssessmentGeneratorLite for a test-drive--if you don't start pulling in more leads than ever before, you don't have to pay a penny!