Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does AssessmentGeneratorLite Do? AssessmentGeneratorLite allows you to create your very own assessments and place them on your web sites. When people visit your web site, they can complete the assessment and have their results e-mailed to them, while you get a new business lead.

What types of assessments can I create with AssessmentGeneratorLite?

You can create six different types of assessments:

  • Checkbox assessment, great for Yes/No questions (sample)
  • Scale 1-5 assessment, for ranking how much a statement can be applied to the user (sample)
  • Narrative, excellent for when you expect narrative answers from the user (sample)
  • Mixed assessment, is useful when you want to use a combination of answer formats (sample)
  • True and False quiz, whenever you want to test your visitors (sample)
  • Multiple-Choice assessment, to allow your users select their answer from the list (sample)

Only the Checkbox and Scale 1-5 assessment types are self-scoring. Narrative and Mixed type assessments simply e-mail you the information users enter. You can also create a multi-section assessment as explained below.

Will I receive assessment results each time a visitor completes it?

Yes. You will receive their score and narrative answers. You will also receive their name and e-mail if they provide them in the assessment form.

I don't need many assessments, I may only create one or two. Why can't I pay per assessment instead of monthly payments?

Assessments created with AssessmentGeneratorLite are processed by our web site. Regardless of how many assessments you create, they will still be processed through our server. This will save you time and money you'd have to spend on getting a CGI-BIN hosting account, the hassle of installing a CGI program on your web server, and making sure it always runs properly.

We made it as simple as possible for you to get your assessments up and running within 5 minutes! Assessments you create through our system will always run smoothly, guaranteed!

When you sign up with us, you get a subscription to a service which does not limit you in any way. You may have 100 people a week taking your assessments, and you will still pay the same low monthly fee!

I am not a coach, can I still use AssessmentGeneratorLite?

Absolutely! As long as you have a web site, and would like to bring more business leads, you will find AssessmentGeneratorLite an indispensible marketing tool and more!

How much does the AssessmentGeneratorLite cost?

An AssessmentGeneratorLite account costs $9.95 a month ($14.95 a month for a Private Label subscription), and allows you to create and process as many assessments as you want, without any limitations in the number of web sites you use them on, or the number of people taking your assessments. There is also a one-time $25 set up fee to get your account open.

How are assessments created by AssessmentGeneratorLite different from the rest?

Most assessments you see on coaching and other web sites tell you to total the score yourself. Our assessments are all automated and self-scoring, which saves people time and makes it more fun and interactive! Plus, because they're automated, these assessments can be used as a great marketing tool for your business: people will spread the word about your assessment, and will be automatically added to your mailing list for follow-up.

What is it that I get with a paid subscription, that I don't get with a free one?

You can view the comparison chart here.

Do you store assessment results?

No. Once a user completes an assessment on your web site, she will see her score and an explanation of what that score means. Both you and the user will receive assessment results in the e-mail.

Can I use assessments I create across multiple websites?

Absolutely! As long as you maintain your account with us, you can create as many assesments for as many web sites you wish!

Does my clients' information remain private if I use AssessmentGeneratorLite?

Absolutely! We don't store any information sent through your assessment form. It comes directly to you and to your client. We greatly value the privacy of our customers and their clients, so you can rest assured that anything processed through your forms is exclusively between you and your users.

I don't have a web site, and can't host my own assessments - can I still sign up?

Yes, we can host your assessments for you. First, make sure you're happy with the way your assessment looks, click on the "Remote Hosting" button, and your assessment will be saved on our web site! You can then simply link to your assessment in the e-mails you send to people.

I don't know what assessment I can create for my audience. Can you help?

Most coaches already understand the concept and purpose of an assessment, and many of them are already using assessments upon client intake, tracking progress, etc. If you're very new to assessments, we recommend that you read our free report How to Create Assessments that Bring Clients and Keep Them Coming Back which you can request by e-mail. We will also be happy to create an assessment just for your business needs. There is a $100 charge per assessment, contact support for more information.

How will assessment appear on my website?

When you create your assessment, the AssessmentGeneratorLite will provide you with an HTML code, which you can then insert anywhere on your web site. You can add it to an existing page, or make a brand new page for it and link to it from your home page. Use Notepad or another text editor to insert the assessment code into your web page. You can also customize it to look like the rest of your web site, change colors, background, and other elements, if you're familiar with HTML or know how to use a web page editor.

Since we offer free hosting, you may also link to the assessment you created on our web site. Your link may look something like this:

View Test Assessment

...and will be given to you once you create your assessment. Simply add the link to your web site, and your visitors will be taken to your assessment once they click on it.

How can I update an assessment that I already created?

With our recently updated system, you can now save forms and assessments you create in your personal user account. Simply login with your username, and a list of all previously created and saved assessments will be available to view and edit.

How long can be an assessment? How many questions can I enter?

You can have as many questions in an assessment as you want. You can even split each assessment into sections or modules, with a help of your webmaster. If you have a free account, you're limited to 5 questions.

I don't want to force my visitors share their name and email with me. How can I do that?

This can be easily accomplished by checking the box next to "Check this box if you don't require name/e-mail" option, when you begin creating your assessment. This will make your assessment anonymous - in other words, name and email will be optional.

Does the AssessmentGeneratorLite automatically follow up with the assessment taker?

Yes. You can enter a "thank-you" message while creating your assessment, and that message will be sent to the user upon completion of the assessment as a follow-up. Your name and your web site will be automatically included in this follow-up message.

Can I follow up with assessment takers more than once, with a sequence of messages?

Yes! Simply enter an autoresponder e-mail in place of or in addition to your own e-mail address when creating your assessment. There are many free autoresponder service providers, which allow you to follow up with your prospects with multiple messages. Most popular include and

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