Eliminate the Hassle of Attracting New Clients and Screening Your Prospects with One Simple Tool

  • Take the work out of generating leads! Assessment Generator Lite is completely hands free and will transform your traffic into qualified, targeted leads automatically with instant scoring and automatic follow-up. All you have to do is check your email each day to see all the new leads that have been generated for you.
  • Impress and captivate your prospects with instant scoring - a score is calculated and automatically sent to both, you and the person who took the assessment, as soon as it's completed.  Your visitors will be impressed by the sophisticated technology on your web site, while all you have to do is copy and paste the form.
  • No web site? No problem - we can host your forms and assessments  on our web site.  If you don't have a web site, or simply don't want to add another page to your site, we can now host your assessments for you!  Simply enter the questions, click the "Save Assessment" button, and it will automatically be saved on our web server for as long as you remain a subscriber! 
  • Make the forms look like your own with our easy customization options.  Every assessment can be customized with your own logo, your name, a web site address, background colors, and your very own "thank-you" message that users will receive in their e-mail. 
  • Your users will love how simple you make it to get instant results.  Nothing to download, or print and fill out.  Everything is done automatically,  right from your web site. 
  • Make your life  stress-free with  complete automation this tool offers.  From creating your forms and assessments to completing them on your web site, Assessment Generator  is a fully automated online program.
  • Easy one-minute installation - just copy and paste! Adding an assessment to your web site takes less than 1 minute, and no HTML or other programming skills are required to do so. With a click of a button, you'll have your own assessment generated instantly. Then simply copy and paste the code into any web page and voila! You have your own assessment working and ready to generate leads.

"I am thrilled to have your tool!"

I have been playing with several pieces of software, and they are way too complicated, time consuming, and expensive. I was on Google today, searching, and you popped up! The Assessment Generator system is so easy.

Within minutes, I had a professional assessment for my website and Milana provided me with exceptional customer service. Great to have you here! I look forward to using this assessment with my clients and colleagues.

Bea Fields
Executive Coach

  • One account - unlimited assessments! Create as many forms and assessments as you wish, even for multiple web sites! There's no limit with your Assessment Generator subscription.
  • Prospects from all over the world can take your assessments, regardless of their computer systems or browser types.You can connect your assessment to your favorite autoresponder in just a few seconds, and automatically follow up with everyone who completes it on your web site. True hands-off marketing--generate new paying clients automatically!
  • Develop your own custom assessments - there are many assessments already available for you to use with your clients, but AssessmentGenerator allows you to create your own ways to assess a situation your prospects or clients face, with five different types of assessments to choose from:
    • Checkbox assessment - has assessment takers check boxes that apply to them and receive a score based on which boxes were checked.
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    • Narrative assessment - ask for detailed answers that visitors will write out and submit. Great for assessing a client before your first consultation, or collecting valuable market research from visitors.
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    • Scale 1-5 assessment - allow visitors to choose how much a statement applies to them, on a scale of 1-5.
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    • Mixed assessment,where you can create a combination of the above types of assessments.
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    • True or False Quiz assessment,which you can use to test your visitors and clients on various subjects.
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    • Multiple Choice assessment,which allows you to test your visitors and clients by letting them choose the right answers from your list.
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The best thing about Assessment Generator Lite, is that you are only limited by your imagination! You can create all kinds of marketing and coaching tools for your business:

  • Teleclass registration and follow-up
  • Market and target audience research
  • Complimentary session registration
  • Tracking clients' progress
  • Article resource boxes to increase click-throughs
  • Suggestion forms and all types of feedback forms
  • Add to your private web site and charge clients for access

...and much much more!

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