AssessmentGenerator - AG 2/3

New Release Announcement

Dear Visitor,

It's hard to believe that a few years have passed since the first day Assessment Generator was launched. What started as a small personal coaching tool for my own practice, turned into a whole web-based system for coaches and entrepreneurs all over the world!

The most amazing thing is that people are using AG in the ways I never thought they would. In addition to client intake forms and coaching self-assessments, AG subscribers use it in contests, private membership sites, weekly coaching follow-up, teleclass evaluations, and many other creative ways!

After a recent survey, subscribers have sent some great improvement ideas and suggestions. As a result, new features have been implemented and the the second upgrade to our new release of Assessment Generator - AG 2.0 has been launched. Assessment Generator 2/3 with even more features than the original release a year ago.

Below you can see a partial list of new features, but you can see the complete list and try it for free at our new site. Click Here

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you decide to try out Assessment Generator in your business.

Milana Leshinsky
AG Founder

"I really like it. I use it for intake forms for my coaching and counseling practice. It has made the cumbersome job of client intake so much easier for my clients and for me. Thank you."

-- Leelo-Dianne Bush

"Just put my first assessment up and have had 10 replies in one day - amazing!"

-- Sarah Newton

"I've just done my first assessment using the system, creating a questionnaire for my website. WOW! I had no idea it was really going to be this simple! How bloody fantastic! I'm exceptionally pleased with the results."

-- Noel Posus

"This is a great product. It worth so much and has given me and my clients a new avenue to explore in my coaching practice. Thank you for developing this wonderful tool and making it available."

-- Tom Beeson

New Features in AG 2/3:

  • Dynamically updated - make changes in your account and they are already live, using the same link.
  • Disable and Enable Assessment and Questions when you need to!
  • Mix or Match questions types and still receive a score!
  • Individual scores e-mailed. In addition to the total score, you will now be able to receive individual questions and answers of each completed self-scoring assessment by e-mail. This will allow you to not only see the results of the assessment, but how a client or prospect responded to each question, as well.
  • Scoring range flexibility. Scoring key is an explanation of what the score means, and what you recommend for the user to do based on the results. Previously, you had to have four scoring ranges. Now you can have 2, 3 or 4 ranges, or as many as you need, whatever suits best your assessment's needs.

    If you enter messages in the first 3 boxes only and leave the fourth box blank, the results will be calculated based on the 3-range scoring system.

    If only the first 2 boxes are filled, then the results will be calculated based on the 2-range scoring system. Assessment Generator will show a different message, depending on how the user scores.

If all 4 boxes are filled:

  • 0-25%
  • 26-50%
  • 51-75%
  • 76-100%

If 3 boxes are filled:

  • 0-33.3%
  • 33.4-66.6%
  • 66.7-100%

If 2 boxes are filled:

  • 0-50%
  • 51-100%
  • Personal AG account with all assessments. And finally, you can now save assessments in your account for future reference and modifications. To access your account, simply click on the "Members" link at the top right corner, login and access all your forms and assessments you saved.

    You can save as many assessments as you wish, but we ask that you delete any old ones that are no longer in use. Only the forms and assessments created after 10/18/04 will show up in your account.

    We continue to improve and add new features to Assessment Generator all the time. If you have a suggestion or an idea, please e-mail us directly.