Child ADHD Assessment

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Has real difficulty in learning to read, write, spell?
Has short attention span? Easily distracted?
Is 2 or more years developmentally delayed, immature? Prefers to play with younger kids?
Is constantly in trouble for being slow to start work at school, for not getting things finished?
Poor fine motor coordination? Large, messy handwriting?
Is one who is last to get picked in recess because he/she struggles to catch, hit, or kick a ball?
Never knows what the homework is?
Homework is only completed only with constant monitoring?
Homework is incomplete and/or way below that which you feel your child is capable?
Forgets to turn in homework?
Has difficulty adapting to changes in routine?
Is messy, disorganized, and chaotic?
Is easily frustrated, unhappy? Has a short fuse? Often angry?
Has dramatic mood swing: one minute very excited, next down in the dumps for no apparent reason?
Excessively fidgety, restless, touches everything, difficult to sit still?
Is often very demanding and difficult to please?
Destructive, whether unintentional or intentional?
Prone to accidents?
Contradicts or argues with what you say?
Seems to be aware of only their needs. Insensitive to other people's feelings, needs, desires?
Acts without thinking?
Seems unaware of consequences?
Behavior stays the same despite reminding and punishment?
Seems to be in 'dangerous' situations frequently?
Could be described as being defiant? Often the initiator or in the middle of conflict with siblings and other kids?
Unable or has difficulty recognizing their responsibility for their behavior?
Seems oblivious to the chaos they create?
As a parent, do you feel misunderstood? Overwhelmed? Emotionally stressed to a breaking point and beyond?
Do you consistently experience the challenge of loving your child, protecting them, and the frustration and despair at your child's behaviors?
Do you sometimes feel hopelessly inadequate as a parent, because you've tried everything and nothing has seemed to help?
Do you feel you never have time to yourself because your child is overwhelmingly exhausting?
At times, do you feel like you are walking on eggshells around your child?
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